That isn’t recognized as to why the brand new Akkadians called the southern homes Shumeru

The Sumerians titled they ki-en-gir15 (practically, ‘place of your humane lords’). It could possibly end up being an excellent dialectal pronunciation of one’s Sumerian word kiengir. That it opportunity is recommended from the Emesal dialect means ‘dimmer’ getting the expression ‘dingir’.

I penned to Dr. Postgate, >>Did you write in the publication Early Mesopotamia: Society and Benefit from the >> Beginning of the past you to definitely ki-en-gi setting ‘land of Sumerian tongue’? In that case, >>would be the fact because you believe eme, ‘tongue; language’ turned into durante, ‘dignitary; >>lord; predecessor (statue); high priest’, courtesy vocal intake?

He replied having a keen affirmative, >Admittedly Sumerologists haven’t moved far to own consonantal intake, >but going of emegir so you can engir doesn’t hunt too far fetched, and it also explains >why this has -roentgen given that a last consonant. Aage Westenholz and ideal the same >etymology independently. It also is alright given the combos like ki-unug >»Warka land» which happen to be and additionally not genitival syntagms. They still seems to me a keen >economical service.

It appears it is possible to. As it happens that we now have hardly any instances of ki-en-gi-ra2 which might be translated as the a free of charge-updates genitival syntagm – We merely come across a couple on Profit away from Utu-Hengal, ETCSL transliteration : c.dos.step 1.six.

I had only never ever heard it or regarded they until recently

For individuals who see my personal typed lexicon’s ideal reinterpretation regarding saj-ji6[gig2]-ga as the which have to start with required ‘native persons’, unlike their exact concept of ‘the black colored-headed’, so as to I am offered to consonantal assimilation slowly modifying words that happen to be up coming reinterpreted regarding preferred insights and you can writing.

That, Dr. Postgate answered, >Really in fact I think actually one another people days are going to be removed given that locatives: >once the suggested because of the bi2- prefix in line dos, and by brand new ETCSL interpretation >(«from inside the Sumer») lined up 21. > >Do by all means mention myself, I’m nevertheless proud of it.

>I happened to be enjoying Buffy the new Vampire Slayer on television as well as told you one thing >inside Sumerian. I needed to know what it said therefore i jumped to the internet so you’re able to >see just what I’m able to see.

The new etymology of your own Akkadian name try unknown

>I discovered others who was simply searching for exactly what it intended and i also found >the dictionary webpages. We featured via your site, but wasn’t also effective as the >I have no knowledge of what whatsoever. I happened to be in hopes you’re in a position >to translate they personally.

>Si-mu-ud = Mars ‘dark otherwise bloody horns/rays’ ‘s the possible interpretation, however, in the place of others, I don’t keep in mind good grief dating website indeed enjoying so it title made use of. Could you let me know in which it label occurs?

>Mul-sag-me-gar = Jupiter sag-me = mesu II = ‘cult, rites’ and gar = ‘to establish’, but it’s always created Sag-ME-GAR to display that we do not know the fresh new pronunciation, because it was also a beneficial logogram getting Neberu, hence calls to mind Nippur, new Sumerian’s cult heart.

>Of those ‘gu-ud’ a style of way ‘gu4-ud’ (=bull off sunrays) and you can ‘sag-us’ are >without a doubt ‘sag-us2’ (=regular star), ‘mul’ was ‘star’ however, I am not sure concerning the other people. >Can you end up being very type on highlight a correct leaving of your four words?

udu-idim try ‘wild sheep’. We have no textual polish otherwise real facts the cues was check out this method, instead of udu-crappy, and this, meaning ‘dead sheep’, create reference the latest globes since the omens, however, Benno Landsberger along with his thorough expertise in Sumerian deduced one to this is actually the very likely reading.

From the most other meanings off gu4-ud I’d infer that the Sumerians by themselves realized society Mercury, and i also have seen nin-si4-an-na from inside the an effective Sumerian textual perspective, however the other brands just occur in afterwards contexts, so i have no idea exactly how very early these were designed and used.